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  Chinese New Year , the biggest celebration of the opportunity of reuniting , lasts for fifteen days and starts on different date in January and February , and the date depends on the lunar calendar . In my memory , the Spring Festival is the sign of the so called Spring Migration and the reunification with family members . As we can see from the first episode of the total film , Chinese people travel a long journey to satisfy their wish through the whole year : staying with their old parents , taking care of their children and sending gifts they bought from other cities... I think it is a great chance for people who worked for a whole year to have a good rest and feel the strong feeling expressed by the hometown people around them.

  And one screen impressed me most , some people worked in Guang Dong , they didnt have enough money to travel by planes or trains , they could only use motorcycles. Taking their pieces of luggage , and let the wives seat behind the husbands , they went forward with great strength and vigour . They travelled against the strong wind and heavy rain , and they also travelled against the extremely cold just for their wish of staying with their family during this short time.

  And this year was the first time I had taken a train to another city with my parents to meet my grandparents and my uncle in Cheng Du . And this was the first time I had noticed some small people like dust in their work place during this special period . On the train to Cheng Du , there contained a large number of people who worked on the train , they sent message of the next station , some of them clean the train over and over again just because they wanted to build a clean place for all the passengers . As the movie said at the beginning , Chinese people are the specialists in food , the passengers ate a lot during their journey so the cleaners had to collect the rubbish and pack them up in plastic bags . They were unimpressive , but they were conscientious.

  At last , I have to say , in some foreigners eyes , the Chinese New Year is special and traditional , for our Chinese people , we need to respect the festival and let the tradition last forever.

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