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第一单元词组1. Play the guitar 弹吉他 2. what to do sth 想做 某事3. join the music club 加入俱乐部 4. speak English 说英语5. match----with 与------匹配 6. play chess 下棋7. the swimming club 游泳俱乐部 8. what club 什么俱乐部9. a sports club 一个体育俱乐部 10. be good at telling stories 擅长讲故事11. the story telling club 讲故事俱乐部 12. like to do/doing 喜欢做某事13. let’s join 让我们加入 14. sounds good 听起来好15. students wanted for School Show学校表演招聘学生16. talk to /with跟某人谈话 17. after school 放学后 18. do kung fu 表演功夫19. show sb sth=show sth to sb把某物展示某人 23. have fun doing 做事情很有趣20. play games with people 和人们做游戏 24. on the weekend 在周末21.be in the school music club 学校音乐俱乐部 25. call sb at 给某人打电话22. need sb to do sth 需要某人做某事 26. help+sb +v 帮助某人27. help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事 28. English-speaking students 说英语的学生 29. play the piano 弹钢琴 30. tell sth stories 给某人讲故事31. it +adj +for sb to sth 32. be good with 和某人相处好33. help for old people 对老人的帮助 34. make friends with 和某人交朋友35. in July / on the morning of 36. be free / be busy37. the Students’ Sports center 学生的运动中38. teach sb to do sth 教某人做某事39. need help to teach music 需要帮助来做某事40. the teacher do what he can to help students 老师做他能做的事来帮助学生用法集萃play +棋类/球类 下……棋,打……球 play the +西洋乐器 弹/拉……乐器be good at doing sth.= do well in doing sth. 擅长做某事be good with sb. 善于与某人相处 need sb. To do sth. 需要某人做某事can + 动词原形 能/会做某事 a little + 不可数名词 一点儿……join the …club 加入…俱乐部 like to do sth. =love to do sth. 喜欢/喜爱做某事典句必背Can you draw? Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.What club do you want to join? I want to join the chess club.You can join the English club. Sounds good.I can speak English and I can also play soccer. Please call Mrs. Miller at 555-3721.第二单元词组1. go to school 去上学 2. get up 起床3. get dressed 穿衣服 4. brush teeth 刷牙5. eat breakfast 吃早饭 6. take a shower 洗澡7. what time 什么时间 8. at six thirty 在六点半9. an interesting job 一个有趣的工作 10. at the radio station 在广播电视台11. always /usually/ often/ sometimes/ never 12. your radio show 你的广播节目13. from ----to 从哪里到哪里 14. at night 在夜晚15. a funny time 一个有趣的时间 16. take exercise 锻炼17. be late for 迟到 18. at about ten twenty 在大约十点二十 19. on weekends 在周末 20. on school days 在上学日21. half past six 六点半 22. a quarter past three 三点过一刻23. a quarter to seven 七点差一刻 24. do homework 做家庭作业25. take a walk 散步 26. have much time 有许多时间27. half an hour 半个小时 28. get home 到达家29. either-----or 或者----或者 30. eat a good breakfast 吃一顿快餐31. lots of /a lot of 许多 32. be good for 对------有益33. taste good 尝起来好 34. do her homework 做她的家庭作业 35. have a healthy life 有一个健康的生活方 式用法集萃at + 具体时间点 在几点(几分) eat breakfast/ lunch/dinner吃早饭/午饭/晚饭thirtyhalf past +基数词 ……点半 fifteena quarter to +基数词 差一刻到……点from …to … 从……到…… need to do sth 需要做某事典句必背1. What time do you usually get up? I usually get up at six thirty.2. That’s a funny time for breakfast. 3. When do students uasually eat dinner?They usually eat dinner at a quarter to seven in the evening.4. In the evening, I either watch TV or play computer games.5. At twelve,she eats lots of fruit and vegetables for lunch..6. She knows it’s not good for her, but it tastes good.7. Here are your clothes. 佳作赏析主题:谈论日常作息习惯My School DayI am a student. I usually get up at seven, and I eat breakfast at seven thirty. Then I go to school at eight. School starts at eight thirty. I eat lunch at taelve. I go home at 17:00. I often eat dinner at 19:00 and then play the piano. I do my homework at 20:00. At 22:00, I go to bed.第三单元词组1. get to school 到达学校 2. take the train 乘火车3. take the subway 乘地铁 4. ride a bike 骑自行车5. how do you get to school 怎么到达学校 6. one hundred and five 1057. how far is it 多远 8. how long does it take sb to do sth花费某人多长时间做某事 9. ten minutes-----how long 10. ten minutes’ walk -------how far11. ride the bike to school 骑自行车到学校 12. every day 每天13. walk to , drive to ,fly to 14. I’m not sure 我不敢确信15. about= around 大约 16. 10 kilometers away from 十公里远17. good exercise 好的锻炼 18. walk to school 步行去学19. get home 到达家 20. drive his car to work 开车去上班21. in his father’s car 坐父亲的车 25. crossing the river is 穿过河是22. need about 10 minutes to get to school 需要十分钟的时间到达学校

23. I want to know where Bob lives我想知道鲍勃住到哪24. what do you think of =how do you like 你觉得怎么样26. it is easy to get to school=it’s+ adj. +for sb. to do sth. 到达学校很容易27. there is 就近原则 28. between----and 在两者之间29. no= not any =not a 30. the river run quickly 河水流的快 31.quickly 动作上 fast 速度上 soon时间上 32. on a ropeway 在索道上33. go on a ropeway to cross the river 坐索道穿过河 37. love to do 喜欢做某事34. an 11-year-old boy一个11岁大的男孩35. ten minutes’ walk / a ten-minute walk 10分钟的路 39. leave for . 离开到某地36. be afraid to do, be afraid of sth / doing害怕做某事 41. come true 实现38. be like a father to me 像父亲一样做某事 43. why ------because40. leave sth at/ on /in +地点 把某物留在某地 42. why not +v原形44. thanks for +n /doing sth为什么而感谢 45. how to do it 怎么来做它46. at about 8:00 在大约8点用法集萃take… to …= go to … by… 乘…去…How do / does (sb)get to …? …是怎样到…的?How far is it from … to …? 从…到…有多远?It takes sb. some time to do sth. 做某事花费某人多长时间。How long does it take …? … 花费多长时间?It is + adj. + to do sth. 做某事是….Thanks for + n. / v. ing 感谢你(做)某事。典句必背– How do you get to school? - I ride my bike.How far is it from your home to school?How long does it take you to get to school?For many students, it is easy to get to school.There is a very big river between their school and the village.话题写作主题:上学的交通方式 写作思路:开篇点题:点出自己的出行方式;具体内容:自己选择这种交通方式的原因;结束语: 表明自己的观点。The Best Way for Me to Go to SchoolDifferent students go to school in different ways in our school, but I like to go to school on foot.First, I live near the school, so my home is not far from my school. And it takes me a few minutes to get there. Second, there is a crossing on my way to school, and sometimes the traffic is very busy. I think it is safer to go to school on foot. Third, I think walking is good for my health. It’s a kind of sport and it makes me study better.So in my opinion, the best way to go to school is on foot. What about you?第四单元词组1. Don’t talk in class 在课堂上 2. in the hallways 在走廊里3. the number of +名词复数 ---的数量 4. follow the rules 遵循规则5. break the rules 打破规则 6. arrive late for class 上课迟到

7. listen to music 听音乐 8. fight with 与某人打架9.get to school on time按时到校 10. next to紧挨着11. don’t eat in class 不要在教室吃东西12. listen to music outside 在外面听音乐13. wear a hat 戴帽子 14. there are too many rules 有太多规则15. be late for 迟到 16. bring sth to 带来17. have to be quiet 不得不安静 18. a uniform 一个校服19. talk about sth 谈论 20. Does he have to wear 他不得不穿21. see friends 看朋友 22. practice the guitar 练习吉他23. help his mom make breakfast 帮助妈妈做早饭 24. be unhappy 不高兴25. too many rules太多规则 too much +不可数名词 much too 太26. make your bed 整理床铺 27. after breakfast 早饭后28. leave sth in/on/ at +地点 29. forget to do sth 忘记做某事30. because / .so 不可同时连用 31. be noisy 太闹/ be quiet安静32. how do you feel 你感觉怎么样 33. feel well 感觉好34. tell sb to do sth 告诉某人做某事 35. think about it 考虑它36. on weekends 在周末 37. be strict with sb in sth 对某人某事严格要求38. remember to do 记住做某事 39. make rules to help us 制定规则做某事40. follow sb to do sth 跟着某人做某事 41. a school uniform 一个校服42. keep my hair short 保持头发短 43. play with my friends44. relaxing +物 . relaxed 人 45. learn to do 学做某事46. learn from sb 向----学习 47. have fun doing 有趣做某事48. have to go to the kitchen to get food for sb 不得不去厨房拿食物给某人49. write a letter to 写信给某人 50. want sb to do sth 想让某人做事51. it’s best to do sth 做某事

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